Preventative Maintenance Plan

Prevent heating and plumbing problems before they start with our Preventative Maintenance Plan!

As a homeowner, you want to make sure your household runs as flawlessly as possible. That includes making sure your plumbing appliances and heating systems are working as they should with minimal interruption. Our Preventative Maintenance Plan was designed to do just that: Save you time and money by keeping your plumbing and heating systems working properly.

What’s Included in a Preventative Maintenance Inspection?


  • Check all faucets for leaks
  • Check all shut-off valves at faucets
  • Check for leaks at all traps
  • Check aerators for proper operation
  • Check shut-off valves for toilets
  • Visual check toilets & dye tests
  • Check tub drains for proper operation
  • Check trip levers for tubs
  • Visually inspect drain line in basement
  • Visually inspect water lines in basement
  • Check outside faucets for proper operation
  • Test water pressure & quality; Test water for iron, PH, hardness
  • Visually inspect water heater – check temp/drawdown
  • Inspect washing machine hoses
  • Make recommendations on slow drains
  • Check sump pump for proper operation

Sewer Ejector Pump

  • Clean float(s) and check operation
  • Check all wire connections & junction box
  • Check alarm for audio or visual alarm
  • Check for buildup in tank
  • Check gasket on lid
  • Check circuit breaker & fuses
  • Check control panel connections

Well Pump & Storage Tank

  • Check pressure switch
  • Check relief valve
  • Check boiler drain
  • Check & adjust bladder/air charge
  • Drain & flush tank
  • Check Amp. draw of pump
  • Check wire connections
  • Check pitless adapter
  • Test water quality

Water Conditioning

Water Softener

  • Test soft water to confirm operation
  • Test unsoftened water for hardness

Acid Neutralizer

  • Test PH

UV Light (Up to 18 gpm)

  • Replace UV lightbulb
  • Clean quartz tube (Replacement not included)

2 UCH drinking water filter

  • Replace Carbon KDF & extruded carbon filters

Reverse osmosis drinking water filters

  • Replace sediment pre-filter
  • Replace carbon post-filter

Reverse osmosis membrane

  • Replace membrane *Once every 3 years

Water Heater

Gas Models

  • Remove/clean/check burner assembly
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Check vent pipe for and/or flue assembly
  • Check Chimney (if applicable)


  • Check elements
  • Check thermostats
  • Check all electrical connections

All Models

  • Drain scale/Check water quality
  • Check for leaks
  • Check relief valve & drop tube
  • Expansion tank
  • House pressure
  • Check anode rod
  • Intelligent anode rod
  • Check flood stop

Do you have questions about our Preventative Maintenance Plan? Call 717-850-1285 and let our helpful team assist!