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No one wants to deal with slow running or clogged drains. They can be not only an inconvenience but a hazard, as overflow and backups from clogs can cause water damage within a home. The older homes in this area of the country can lend themselves to these sorts of issues, but they are certainly not confined to aging homes or pipes.  There are simple preventative measures to help any homeowner stay ahead of clogs.

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Worried that the blockage is deeper in your plumbing? We also offer sewer video inspection services to get an inside look at your plumbing system.

What Causes Clogs?

There are several things that can cause drain clogs. People tend to think of toilet clogs, but a clogged kitchen sink or tub can be much more stubborn due to the strange mix of things that tend to be allowed down these drains. Starchy foods and grease can cause serious buildup on the inside of pipes that can not only cause clogs themselves but can make clogs more likely simply by narrowing the size of the pipes. Older pipes tend to degrade and build up with their own rusty residue can also be a catalyst for new clogs.

Clogs in the bathroom tend to come from the combination of hair and the products we use to stay clean: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other substances can cause serious buildup in the pipes. If there are children in the house, perhaps they are into the craze of making slime from glue and other ingredients. If they are washing the residue off in the sink, clogs or slow-flowing water will result very quickly. All of these things can make it difficult to unclog a drain.

Tips for Preventing Clogs

While not all clogs can be anticipated, there are several preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the occurrence of clogs. The main thing is to remember that pipes are designed for liquids alone. Anything other than a liquid form will tend to cause problems.

  • No grease: Grease needs to be allowed to harden and disposed of in the trash. Putting it down the kitchen drain is a no-no. You are just asking for a clog and possible drain repair or replacement.
  • Be good to your garbage disposal: These are handy appliances but are not meant to deal with grease or heavy starches like potatoes, bread, and rice. Scrape plates into the trash before rinsing the dishes in the kitchen sink. Run cold water while using the garbage disposal and allow the water to run for a bit after.
  • Use a Strainer: This catches the hair and food that should not get in the drain in the first place. These are easy to empty or wipe out and are a major help in clog prevention.

Again, these measures are helpful and will reduce the threat of clogs, but there is no way to predict when something like a kitchen drain or sewer drain clog may happen. Chemical drain opening products off the department store shelves can damage the pipes as they work on the clog. Consider calling a professional plumber for rooter service or more information.

Even with the best care, old plumbing can be a problem. Be sure to ask about our whole-home repiping services, and give your plumbing system an upgrade.

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