Sewer Line Camera Inspection Services in York

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Have you ever thought you had a problem with your sewage system, but weren’t sure what it was? This is a common problem and one that used to require intensive digging work. Luckily, at Foundation Plumbing & Heating, we have the technology to see into your sewage system and determine the problem BEFORE we start any repairs. Whether you think you may have a clog or leak, or just want to make sure your system is working properly, you can count on our trustworthy technicians for help!

Once we locate the problem, count on our plumbers to provide you with effective sewer line repair and replacement service.

How Do Sewer Video Inspections Work?

Many times, suspected pipe damages or leaks cannot be located from the outside. When this happens, a plumbing technician can insert a video inspection rod into the pipe to help locate the problem and determine the solution. The inspection uses a high-resolution camera that is connected to a flexible fiberoptic scope. The camera is waterproof and able to bend around corners.

Technicians use a monitor above ground to watch the live video feed from the camera, and can even record the footage to help the homeowner make an informed decision. These inspections are important to help determine what solutions are needed for your problems.

Seeing the whole problem from the beginning helps our technicians be upfront about the solutions, the costs, and the benefits from our services.

Benefits of Sewer Video Inspection

A video inspection is useful for finding holes, leaks, and obstructions. But it also helps locate clogs, breakage, corrosion, roots, and weak points. It is more cost-effective than exploratory excavating, which can result in more labor and time to repair. Emergency situations can also be resolved very quickly and some problems can be avoided entirely using this feature.

A preliminary inspection gives our technicians the most information before formulating a solution to your plumbing needs. Knowing the situation entirely can save you money and time when determining what repairs or installations are necessary.

Dealing with multiple points of damage in your sewer system? We also offer whole-home repiping services to get your home a full upgrade.

Why Choose Us for Sewer Pipe Inspection?

This is not something that can be done yourself, but your family here at Foundation Plumbing & Heating are here to help. Our trusted technicians use a sewer line video camera to determine the exact location of a leak or a clog. Our customer satisfaction guarantee can give you peace of mind that you are getting quality service with every visit.

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