Repiping Services in York

Constant plumbing problems could be due to old pipes. Get your home repiped with Foundation Plumbing & Heating.

Most people understand that steel and water don’t mix, it only causes rust. This begs the question: why did we use steel and iron pipes for decades to plumb our homes? Despite the problems that steel and water have, the pipes that were used for years were expected to last up to 100 years in service. Unfortunately, that was 50 years ago. At this point, most of the metal piping that was installed across the US is beginning to fail. Additionally, much of the PVC that was used in place of the steel is beginning to experience problems. So what can be done? At Foundation Plumbing & Heating, we are a repipe contractor that specializes in updating the plumbing of York homes and businesses.

Do you have new pipes but still have water quality issues? You may benefit from a water softener or a water filtration system!

Signs That Your Pipes Need to be Replaced

It isn’t always obvious when you need a whole-home repipe but knowing the signs can allow you to be proactive and make repairs before a disaster happens. Some of the signs that repiping is necessary are:

  • Age: Metal piping that is around 50 years old is very prone to having problems. If you haven’t noticed that you’re paying for more repairs than usual, then the time is coming.
  • Numerous Repairs: Old copper and metal piping are prone to pinhole leaks. Inside a home, even a small leak can cause damage. Upgrading piping and installing water softeners can lower the risk of leaking metal pipes.
  • Low-Quality Water: Old piping, especially metal piping has a tendency to leech rust and bad tastes or odors into your drinking water. Rust in the water can also clog fixtures and cause faster corrosion.

Benefits of Different Materials for Whole Home Repiping

When making repairs to leaky pipes or opting for a repiping, there are three main materials that are in use and each has specific benefits and drawbacks. The three choices for materials that you’ll have are:

  • PVC: PVC is corrosion resistant and tough against abrasion. It is cheap and easy to install and will last for years. It isn’t appropriate for hot water lines.
  • Copper: Copper is usually the material of choice for hot water lines because of its thermal properties. It resists vibration and lasts longer than PVC. It is more expensive to install.
  • PEX: PEX is the material of choice in most plumbing installations, especially in residential applications. It can withstand high temperatures, is abrasion resistant, and easy to install. PEX is semi-permeable and vulnerable to UV damage.

At Foundation Plumbing & Heating we can help you decide water material is right for you. Regardless of your needs, we can install the right product to fit your budget.

With new pipes in place, be sure to upgrade other appliances in your home, including your water heater with our plumbing experts.

Why Work with Us?

Foundation Plumbing & Heating is your local York house repiping service. For over 30 years we have been committed to our customer’s satisfaction and that hasn’t changed! We offer professional plumbing solutions that fit any budget so you get the highest value for your dollar. Our upfront pricing ensures that no surprise costs are passed on to you.

Don’t be plagued by rusty or bad-tasting water and don’t let leaky pipes damage your home or business. Call (717) 850-1285 for a repipe and protect your most precious resource.