Water Filtration System Installation & Repair in York

That “pure” water probably isn’t pure. Protect your home’s water with a water filtration installation from Foundation Plumbing & Heating.

Fresh water is one of the most important utilities that runs to your home. Chances are that you used hundreds of gallons a day between drinking, cooking, and cleaning clothes and dishes. While your local municipality works hard to provide you with ample purified and safe water, often that isn’t enough. Treated city water can still harbor harmful pathogens and chemicals as well as high levels of sediment and rust. To protect those in your home from dirty water, whole home water filtration systems are available. Water filtration systems can remove the nasty stuff that city water treatment facilities can leave behind.

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How Poor Quality Water Can Affect Your Home

While it’s easy to look at a glass of water and call it pure, the truth is much more shocking. Water has a tendency to pick up anything it can on its journey from a rain cloud to your water tap. Despite treatment, once the water reaches your home it can have the following problems present:

  • Biological Contaminants: Viruses, bacteria, and cysts can still be present in treated water and make you ill. Water filtration systems can provide the last line of defense against you and the illnesses caused by nasty bugs.
  • Chemical Contaminants: High chlorine, nitrates, herbicides, and pesticides are all commonly found in drinking water supplies. Most cities don’t remove these contaminants from water so it’s up to you to find a solution.
  • Heavy Metals: Heavy metals can come from industrial processes or from old piping. Metals like lead, arsenic, and chromium should be removed so they aren’t ingested.
  • Sediment: Suspended solids can come in the form of dirt, sand, and rust. Simple filtration devices can lower the number of solids that you are ingesting with your water.

Types of Filtration Systems

With all of the different things that can be lurking in your drinking water, there are a number of ways to target specific threats. Some of the options for whole-home water filtration are:

  • Carbon filtration to remove chemical contaminants
  • Sediment filtration to reduce or eliminate suspended solids
  • Reverse osmosis to remove dissolved solids like heavy metals and chlorine
  • UV sterilization to kill any surviving biological threats

By having these or a combination of them installed, you can be on your way to protecting the people that live in your home from the threats that are in your water. The technicians at Foundation Plumbing & Heating are ready to help!

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Why Work with Us?

Foundation Plumbing & Heating in York has over three decades of experience serving their customers. In those years, we have learned that aiming for customer satisfaction is key. That’s why we stand by our satisfaction guarantee and we offer all of our affordable services with upfront pricing. We understand that protecting your family and home shouldn’t be a burden so we aim to make our jobs go smoothly and we find solutions for every budget.

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