Sewer Line Services in York

The sewer system is essential for keeping wastewater away from your home. Whether it’s a leak or a clog, you can count on Foundation Plumbing & Heating for reliable sewer service.

In many ways, a sewer main is a subject that any homeowner wishes to avoid. It is best when they are merely the receptacles for wastewater and simply function completely according to their design. No one wants them to be either seen or heard, many homeowners would rather ignore them entirely. This can present a problem as a sewer leak, even a slow one, can cause mildew issues and structural damage to a home.

To ensure effective repair services, you can always count on us to complete a sewer video inspection before starting any work in your home.

Common Issues With Sewer Lines

Obviously, sewer problems come in many forms, but there are several common things that can occur to disrupt the normal operation of your sewer lines. The problems tend to result from either some sort of breakage or some sort of obstruction.

  • Clogs: This can be the result of contraband in the lines such as feminine hygiene products or it can simply be some kind of layered buildup. These tend to cause slow draining and sewer backups which have extremely unpleasant results.
  • Tree Roots: While all plant roots can be problematic for lines because of their tendency to seek out water and penetrate pipes, tree roots are larger and tend to cause more serious breakages or misalignments of pipes.
  • Aged Pipes: As pipes get older they will deteriorate. They get thinner and weaker and will be more likely to break, crack, or collapse. Old pipes will eventually lead to a catastrophic failure.
  • Broken Seals: Joints can lose their seals and start slow sewer leaks that can damage your home.

Common Signs of Sewer Line Damage

There are some subtle and not so subtle signs that you may need to get your sewer line inspected. They can range from a foul smell to a flooded yard.

  • Smell: Is there a foul scent that you cannot seem to pin down? Does it seem to emanate from the outside, or from the drains? This can be a clear indication of a sewer line leak.
  • Draining issues: Do the sinks and tub drain slowly? Does the toilet tend to need more than one flush? There may be a clog or there could even be a collapsed pipe.
  • Mold, Mildew, or Water Damage: If any of these things pop up, it is clear that moisture is getting in somewhere. This can be an indication of a constant slow leak that is keeping an area wet when it shouldn’t be.
  • Flooded Yard: A flooded yard is obviously an emergent situation. There is likely some sort of catastrophic failure in your plumbing system.

Got old pipes? We also offer whole-home repiping services, which can help combat many of the common culprits behind sewer line issues.

Your Expert Sewer Service Company

If there is a problem with your sewer line, here is what to expect from our expert technicians.

  • Complete visual inspection
  • Video inspection (if needed)
  • Discussion of problem and solutions
  • Repairs

Sewer repair and sewer main replacement are two of our specialties at Foundation Plumbing & Heating. We have the tools and the experience to determine the problem and quickly take care of it so your life is not put on hold for a sewer main replacement. Foundation Plumbing & Heating is an established sewer repair company that serves the greater York, PA area. We have been faithfully serving Pennsylvania’s plumbing needs since 2015. With highly trained and trustworthy technicians, we are ready to solve any plumbing problem you may encounter. We are here to solve it all in just one call.

Call Foundation Plumbing & Heating at (717) 850-1285 to schedule your sewer line service in York. With no surprise upfront pricing and financing available, you can be confident in getting a quality job within your budget.