Gas Leak Detection & Repair in York

Protect your York home from the potential dangers of natural gas leaks. Call for leak detection service from Foundation Plumbing & Heating at the first sign of trouble.

Natural gas and propane are remarkable fuels that make heating your home cheap and cooking more fun. But, with all of the convenience that they provide, they also carry some risks. When problems happen with gas and propane appliances or piping become compromised, dangerous situations can arise.

When problems with your gas pop up, you need a quick and responsive plumbing crew to find the leak and make repairs. Foundation Plumbing & Heating is your York, PA gas leak detection company. Our experienced crews can dispatch quickly and restore your home to safety.

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Signs You May Have a Gas Leak

As dangerous as gas leaks can be, it is vital that everyone know the signs that indicate a gas leak. Look out for problems like:

  • High gas bills
  • Hissing noises
  • Gas or rotten egg smells around appliances
  • Beeping carbon monoxide detectors
  • Dead patches of grass on the lawn
  • Nausea or headaches

If you notice any of these signs, open windows inside the home, vacate the area, and shut off gas service to the house. Once you have taken these steps, call Foundation Plumbing & Heating for fast gas leak detection and repair.

How Can Gas Leaks Impact Your Home?

There are several different ways that a gas leak can affect your home with varying degrees of seriousness. First, not all gas leaks occur inside the home. Gas leaks can occur anywhere in piping from the meter to an appliance. This means that leaks can occur underground between the meter and the house or in basements and crawl spaces. Often the only way to detect these leaks is from high bills because they are in out-of-the-way places. Even a small gas leak can add up to very high bills every month.

While high bills probably aren’t detrimental, gas leaks that occur inside the house can be far more dangerous. When gas is allowed to build up in a small space, it displaces oxygen and can lead to asphyxia. Gas that has built up in a room can be extremely explosive and can be ignited by small sparks that come from electrical appliances.

Taking risks with natural gas is never a good idea. As soon as any of the signs of a gas leak are seen, homeowners should call Foundation Plumbing & Heating. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to detect gas leaks and quickly repair them so that your home can be safe again.

A gas leak may not be the only reason your appliances aren’t working. Be sure to ask about our water heater services to get your gas-powered unit back in working order.

How We Do Gas Leak Detection

When you call for gas leak detection, our technicians will quickly get to work to find your leaks. First, we will start by watching your gas meter. This will give us information about the existence of the leak and the amount of gas that is leaking.

Once we are sure that a leak is occurring in the piping, we will go looking for it. We use special devices that are designed to find minute levels of gas leaking from piping or appliances. With the information you provide to us that made you believe a leak was occurring, we will use these special sensors to locate the leak. Once the leak is located, we will quickly make repairs so that your home can be safe again.

Get peace of mind quickly with Foundation Plumbing & Heating. Call (717) 850-1285 today for fast gas leak detection and repairs.