Gas Line Services in York

Upgrade your home and keep it safe while using natural gas. The professionals at Foundation Plumbing & Heating can show you the way!

Natural gas has been in use for centuries for heating, lighting, and cooking. It quickly became one of the most important utilities installed in modern buildings because of its ease of use and low price. Since natural gas presents some hazards in the form of fire and explosions, tight regulation became important for it to be safely used. To keep natural gas services safe, the gas line installation industry quickly formed standards and inspections for safe practices. Today, natural gas is one of the safest utilities thanks to gas line contractors that install and repair the important infrastructure that handles natural gas.

Foundation Plumbing & Heating is the premier gas fitter and gas line repair contractor in the York area. Our licensed and experienced technicians work diligently to install safe gas lines and repair damaged lines that could be dangerous.

Worried you have a gas leak? We also offer expert leak detection to help get to the source of your gas line issues.

Benefits of Using Natural Gas

As society starts to shift away from fossil fuels like coal and oil, natural gas has shown to be an important transition fuel in the new energy economy. Experts predict that natural gas will continue to be an important fuel for decades to come even as other energy sources begin to become more widely used.

Some of the reasons to immediately switch to natural gas are:

  • Directly installed and easy to use
  • Clean burning
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Lower carbon footprint than other fuels
  • Cheap and abundant
  • Comfort and convenience

Making the switch to natural gas has never been easier. At Foundation Plumbing & Heating we can install an appliance hook up or run new gas lines for a new furnace or cooktop.

Common Appliances That Use Natural Gas

If you’re looking for ideas to integrate natural gas into your energy plan, here a few ideas:

  • Outdoor Appliances: Outdoor patios are incomplete without some way to cook. Hauling in propane tanks is unnecessary when you get your grill permanently hooked up to natural gas.
  • Cooking: Cooking on natural gas is clean and fun. Natural gas ranges give you precise temperature control on your burners and on your stove. This can make cooking feel like a hobby instead of a chore.
  • Heating: The heat produced from a natural gas furnace is warm and welcoming. Additionally, new furnaces burn at efficiencies as high as 99%, making them the cheap and environmentally-friendly choice for heating.

Want to save even more on your utility bills. Be sure to combine your new gas line with a tankless water heater for dependable savings.

Why Choose Us?

Foundation Plumbing & Heating has been serving York with excellent service for over 30 years. We operate at the highest levels of safety and guarantee that our work will meet the strictest building codes. We offer most of our services with upfront and flat-rate pricing so that there are no surprises at the end of the job. We even offer financing to take away some of the financial stress of installations and repairs. Put us on your schedule and see why we say “We Do It All With Just One Call!”

Tired of high-priced heating bills and burning meals on your electric stove? Make the switch to natural gas today! Call Foundation Plumbing & Heating today at (717) 850-1285 for expert gas line installation.